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The WAR against IRAQ will cost
100 * to 2,000 # BILLION DOLLARS ! #
depending on its course.

* without indirect and follow-up costs, Sources: * US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 9/02,
# The American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAAS) 12/02,
Prof. William D. Nordhaus, Yale University 12/02

Even the lower sum of 100 BILLION DOLLARS is a lot of MONEY, e.g. :

With that amount of money you could (in the US or UK):

Alternatively, at WORLD level you could:

See the potential ?

Guess what percentage of money is being spent by the US on energy conservation and regenerative energies per year ?
Greg told me its 3 % = 3 billion dollars.

Guess what percentage of money is being spent by the US on international development aid ?

As usual, while billions are being wasted on WAR only millions are being invested in PEACE.

Now, what could be done with 2,000 BILLION DOLLARS, 20 TIMES the amount ?

Don't you think it is worthwhile to STAND UP against an (unjustified) ATTACK ?


Together we can change the world !

What is the prize of one human life ? (thoughtful reflections for fans of statistics)


The direct costs of the first Gulf War were 80 billion dollars;
not to mention the indirect and follow-up costs and the human suffering.
Do you know the number of victims and the injured US und UK soldiers ?

Another excellent resource is the critical National Priorities Project and the
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) - a conservative think tank.
Read also what President Eisenhower had to say on this subject in 1953.

This is a dynamic project and depends on YOUR input !
Suggestions will be included as soon as possible.
In particular valuable links are always welcome !
Please send us an choi game baccarat onlineemail.

Do you like the idea ? Then please tell many others ! choi game baccarat online

Here you find amongst others 2,000 links on Iraq & USA :
e.g. reasons, voices and actions against the war.
Please feel free to use numbers and links on your flyers and handbills.

You want to help ? Welcome !
We need every hand and brain.

Dr. Norbert, M.D. on 23. January 2003

Some numbers are from 1996 (see Eurofighter flyer) and are +/- 10% accurat. 1 Dollar = 1 Euro, for easier comparison.

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Created: 23.01.2003 Updated: 30.01.2003